GHI Co.,Ltd Info.

GHI began in 1973 and changed the company name to GHI CO.,LTD Until today, From the very beginning we have focused on the success and development of our customers by providing high quality industrial chemical products and industrial equipment for various industry sectors and needs.

We aim to provide high quality products and solutions for new product development, cost reduction, and productivity improvement. To this end, we have significantly increased investment in our R&D department. Our chemical products, which carry the brand name CHEMGUARD, are of the highest quality and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our entire product line.

We have established OPIS(One-stop Purchasing & Information System) called DREAMMALL ( This system provides our products and services to customer quickly and accurately, at very reasonable prices.

Total Customer Satisfaction is the management motto of GHI. We are committed to working and growing with our customers by providing the highest quality products and services possible. GHI offers superior expertise and technologies with unrivaled prices and performance to our customers.

CEO / Jinhyun Nam