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Trading Division

Universal Bird Trading Co., Ltd is importing and exporting products by sector between Korea and Myanmar. In particular, it imports Chemguard Brand products from GHI in Korea and supply them for construction, industrial, automobile chemical products and consumable products for each industry. We will continue to supply better quality products to our customers in the best conditions.

Service Division

Business Support Service for Private Individual & Corporation

Onshore & Offshore Project

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  • Confident of Success
  • Concentrate Power
  • Cheerful View of Life

Business Support Service Overview


  • Import, Export and Sales Support & Agency
  • CHEMICAL and General Consumable Products

Human Resource and Local Existence Support

  • Local Office Staff Employment
  • Business Visa Extension
  • Letter of Invitation Issuance for Arrival Visa

Material Procurement and Supply

  • Material Procurement & Supply Service

Vehicle Handling Agent

Accounting & Finances Agent

  • Accounting, Banking, Taxation, Finances

Project Process Consulting & Agent Service

  • Industrial plant and Oil & Gas project
  • EPCIC, Turn-key base project bidding support
  • Assistance for development project
    - Basic data Investigation
    - Data purchase & information gathering
    - Preconference act & meeting / presentation arrangement

Trading Agency and Human Resource & Local Existence Support


  • Import, Export and Sales Support & Agency
  • CHEMICAL and General Consumable Products for Onshore & Offshore Project & Facility

Recruitment & Engagement Service

  • Experienced personnel on various positions for office staff and work site staff
    - Post vacancy > Recruitment > CV Evaluation > Interview > ngagement > Mobilization

Income Tax Payment (for Expatriate)

Business Visa Extension

LOI (Letter of Invitation)

  • For Arrival Visa issuance at Airport

Procurement Service & Vehicle handling Agent

Work Site Construction Material and Equipment Procurement and Supply Service : Onshore & Offshore Project

Import used car

  • Jeep, Deluxe Sedan, Station Wagon, Mini-Van, Carry Truck
    - Investigation & selection as Customer’s requirement > Application of import permit license > Import > Custom clearance > Registration > Handover to Customer

Accounting & Finances Agent

Accounting Service

  • Accounting for private personnel and corporation

Banking Service

  • Assistance in opening bank account
  • Cash withdrawal & remittance

Taxation Service

  • Tax calculation, preparation document
  • Tax filing and payment to tax authority

Assistance of Incorporation Establishment

  • Preparation of registration document for DICA submission & MIC permission

Project Process Consulting & Agent Service

Investigation of project information / concession

Assistance for execution of turnkey base project local organization

Invitation of Tender Book review

Bidding support

  • Commercial Proposal
  • Technical Proposal

Project progress management

Project cost control

Project Health, Environment & Safety Management System documentation

Assistance for development project

Contact Us

Contact Point

    - M.P : +95-(0)9-44476-7044 (English & Myanmar)
    - M.P :+95-(0)9-44476-7045 (English & Korean)
    - E Mail : universalbird7@gmail.com

Main Business Introduction

  • Service : Onshore & Offshore Project Handling and BusinessSupport Service
  • Trading : Industrial Chemical, General Products and Tools

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